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Medical Nutricare is an educational platform and media group focused at bridging the gap between traditional medical advice and the most up-to-date ideas and breakthroughs in nutrition and other areas of lifestyle. 


Medical Nutricare is World Wide Health and Fitness Organization. Providing online consultation. We are a team of professional personal trainers, doctors and nutritionists. we provide you with customized weight and health management plans, home -based workouts and  coach who is available on our app.

Through out the years the business has grown, but our focus has always remained consistent, helping people , losing weight, treating their medical conditions with therapeutic diets, identifying food sensitivities and improving nutrition through meal Plans, counselling and advice.

Our mission is to mend the gap between knowing and doing by spreading health and nutrition awareness and catering to nutritional myths, unhealthy weight control practices or helping people to develop a healthy relationship with mind, food and body.

Through Medical Nutricare social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, Website and YouTube you will find informative blogs which are backed by science, easy-to-follow recipes, practical tips and guidance to assist you in making well-informed healthy living decisions.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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